Strokes Of Insight

When a stroke temporarily took my sight at the end of last year, I knew only appreciation when I got it back. But now the other changes in my brain are becoming manifest: A preference for the spoken word over music, a desire to write more than to read, and a strange distancing of my self from the things I thought essential.

die ärzte - Angekumpelt (Performance)

I don’t know you, because I don’t wanna know you.

I’m not interested in you; today, the layer is in my shaft.
What do you mean today, it’s always this way.
I’m glad alone, then what can be better
than to sit here like yesterday
as types blaspheme you?

I can already predict I’ll be angry with you.
I don’t want this to be stupidly “bebuddied”.

I can see immediately that you look for connection,
You want us to be more than friends, I’m your armagedon today,
I don’t need slugs that tell only waste.
Let me explain you, I don’t wanna stay with you,
When you found yourself at the moon and you sent me a signal,

It was no big enough to cut the distance,

I don’t want this to be stupidly “bebuddied”.

If you and I were the last ones on Earth,
it’s clear we would not be friends,
It’s over, after 20 years.
If I had to seen your trap,
I would voluntary go back,

Because I would rather to be 10 years alone, 
than to be stupidly “bebuddied”


I’m crying

dr wha?



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Three German Students Surprise a Homeless guy

Shared humanity. Hope. Music. Singing. Generosity. Kindness. Humans are awesome!

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Canali Fall 2014 with Clement Chabernaud

"Mann" or "man"?



  1. is a masculine noun (i.e. “der Mann”) and literally means “man”/”male”/”husband”.
    This word has a plural form - “die Männer”.
  2. can be used as an interjection, and in this case, is used in a similar way as “Mensch”.
    e.g. Mann, das ist doch nicht wahr!


  1. is an…


…And [Melkor] descended upon Arda in power and majesty greater than any other of the Valar…

i didn’t fill a bingo square but i still made a thing?


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LAR Grizzly MARK I

What some would call a 1911 on steroids, the LAR Grizzly does share some parts with the venerable .45 ACP pistol. However, the caliber the Grizzly uses is the .45 Winchester Magnum. This particular example is a very rare “longslide” model, using a 7.75” long barrel. Very few were produced and have become highly sought after collectable pieces. (GRH)



die ärzte - Ist das noch Punkrock?

"auch", das 2012 Album mit 16 neuen Songs von der ärzten gibt es als CD, Vinyl oder als Download. Mehr auf


And so have I a noble father lost;

a sister driven into desperate terms, whose worth,

if praises may go back again,

stood challenger on mount of all the age

for her perfections:

but my revenge will come.

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